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Mamie McCullough is a motivational and inspirational keynote speaker known as the "I Can" lady. She's the author of several popular books, including I Can. You Can, Too!, Get it Together And Remember Where You Put It, and I'm Not Waving ... I'm Drowning.

Mamie's timeless messages provide inspiration that resonate with school, church, business, and community groups. She leaves audience members from grade school age to senior adults laughing out loud but with new passionate visions for the future where "can't" just isn't an option.

If you're looking to recharge members of your organization or need a personal jumpstart, Mamie offers fresh, passionate, and humor-laced messages that provide hope and spark a new way of looking at life. Failure isn't an option and all dreams are possible.

Mamie McCullough provides those she touches with the wisdom and tools to "bee" their very best.
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